22. January 2021

my magic wonder oil

when it comes to beauty routine i was always a massiv fan of oils in every way - for my hair and my skin as well. i use to buy oils everywhere. at the souk in marrakesh, at the beauty counters in paris and london and the beach shop - and i guess i am now an expert when it comes to oil. the wonder oil by naturalsophy is my perfect companion, when it comes to dry skin treatment and i absolutely adore the use of aloe vera.

if you are interested in learning more about the face behind the brand - feel very welcome - take a seat on my magic carpet ride and read the q&a with naturalsophy founder sijiao feng-göhringer.


Q: building your own business - was it a step you did regret at any point? 

A: building my own business is like „a must-do“ when i faced with skin problems of my child. that's also what i always want to do, not only „build a new business and create a new brand“, but it has to come up with a „problem solving“ solution with a big uniqueness, that it is not only used by myself, but also others. naturalsophy is exactly solving this problem to so many mothers, who are desperate about the dry skin issue of their little ones. i know exactly how it feels as a mom to see how my child suffers from itching und dry skin, while no products on the market can help to nourish the delicate baby skin. thus, i didn't even think about to regret this step.


Q: and what was your initial motivation?

A: my initial motivation was my love for my little daughter, who had big problems with her skin from using the products from the drugstores and even products from pharmacies. during this time i was on maternity leave of my time working for the export of a big natural cosmetics company in germany. with this burden on my child and a totally desperate me, i asked my ex-colleague in the development, if he knows a brand or a cream that can save my daughters eczema. after i described my requirements for the „dream cream“, he said:“…you can not find such a premium product in any shops, because no one will create such an cost-intensive product with so many active ingredients for the customers. if you want to have it, you have to develop it by yourself!“ and there we are, naturalsophy, a truly holistic natural skin care for babies and also adults. 


Q: when it comes to your personal beauty secret - may you share it with us?

A: for me, when it comes to beauty secret, it is all about self care. and skin care is one of the most important part of self care. therefore, everything what i use should be the best, like for babies. therefore i have created the organic beauty cream for all of us adults with same high requirements like products for babies. these are for example 0% filler water, no alcohol, silicones, parabenes, no preservatives and all other chemicals or filling ingredients. instead the cream is concentrated and packaged full with nutrient ingredients that is so beneficial for your skin. it uses 100% organic aloe vera fresh juices, organic oils and natural organic extracts from plants, which have not only healing power, they also nourish, care, regenerate and protect our skin from aging and environmental influences. especially as a mom of two kids, i have only less time for all the skin routines. therefore i must know that the product that i am using contains only nutrient ingredients, that protect me from all the environmental stresses. 


A: aloe vera is a mega trend - what is the most important thing about it?

Q: aloe vera is such a beneficial powerful healing plant and almost everyone heard the beneficial effect of aloe vera for sunburn, minor cuts and small abrasions of skin. it contains more than 160 vitamins, micro nutrient, poly saccharides etc. the moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effects of aloe are not only perfect for dry, itchy skin, but also for eczema and inflammatory acne skin types. and exactly these beneficial effects of hydration, regeneration and anti-inflammation are so important to protect against premature aging. therefore, we have replaced water in our products with organic aloe vera juices to give the skin the best beneficial powerful healing effect. that is also the reason why our products work and also so many moms told me, that they see the results already after a few times of using! be careful of the skin care products „with aloe vera“. it may contain less aloe vera and mixed with water, that can not be beneficial for the skin. therefore check the ingredients list on the packaging, the further up an ingredient listed in the ingredients list, the more of it is contained in the product. the further back, the less this ingredient is contained in the product.


A: what are your major goals for 2021?

Q: be healthy is the most important goal for 2021. but of course there are so many goals for 2021. we have planed so many new projects and highly required products coming in this year. making more kids and mothers healthy skin!