in fashion we trust

Yasmin Von Schlieffen

this blog is about the beauty of life - about my lifetime liaison with fashion, about places i want to show and people i would like to introduce you to in my very own way!

my personal fashion journey started as a fashion lover - than as a model - a fashion student - and of course a fashion pr. from what i have seen so far, fashion is ever changing, is an inspiration and it`s fantastic! it`s a journey which never ends. stories about fashion insiders, pictures of what i love the most - besides my little family - is what you can expect at yasmin`s magic carpet ride.

there are so many stories to tell, so many characters to discover, places to see - so many secrets to share - come with me on my magic carpet ride through the world of fashion, lifestyle and life itself! it`ll be fun!!! no passport needed - every currency accepted - always travel in style.