04. December 2019

Sleep Well Little Lion

i simply can’t sleep. ok, as soon as i cosy cover myself in my pillow filled bed - i start sleeping like a baby - and it continues like a baby as i wake up in the middle of the night and need attention or food or whatever. then i can’t find my way back into the dreamy wonder world. next day - totally smashed and tired - but never wanted to take any kind of pills. tried several pillow sprays - hmmm not tooo bad, but after the placebo effect was gone, nothing… but insomnia.
but all of a sudden i met the master, a traditional pharmacist called marcus niendorf and he gave me the best - some drops on my forehead and in my hands and dumdidu - perfect sleep, amazing dreams until next morning! from that point on, i trusted him and want you to get to know him as well. so share with me this little q&a and then visit him in his pharmacy in lübeck or just visit his website

Q: if you compose your delicate liquids, such as rose… what music would you listen to?
A: piano music my favorite is by schumann, chopin and debussy.

Q: if you could point out the most efficient product of your range - what would it be and why?
A: it’s the one you have chosen to be the best product: löwenschlaf. the effect is so subtle and the result make everybody simply happy.

Q: when you curated your beautiful setting with all the little treasures - which inspiration did you have in mind?
A: making clients happy. something beautiful, that stays for decades and has consistence!

Q: your favorite color ?
A: i can’t say - there are so so many! but the yellow of the pirols, fennell blossoms, curcuma, the green of olives and emerald and the ocean, the orange of calendula, saffron. the walls of tuscan palazzi etc….

Q: your favorite country?
A: mexico (oaxaca the city and the land itself) and gotland - it’s magic to me.

Q: when you travel - wich product do you take with you no matter what?
A: my anti mosquito spray.

Q: when you think how much your job changed within the past decades - how does it feel to bring it all back to ancient basics, like you do with your range?
A: it fills me up with happiness, strength and pride.