27. July 2016

perfect personal packing procedure

traveling should be fun and functional as well.

as businesswise i travel quiet a lot and don`t have too much time to spend on packing i found myself the perfect personal packing procedure (4 p`s easy to remember) - which i am going to share with you now!

concentrate on just one topic or colourtheme - so for example when i go to sylt - my fav island - i just pack blue and white  - that`s great as i can mixxxxxx and match like crazy and after coming back even the washing is superdupaaaeasy  - solo two machines and basta! and when it comes to paris, i mostly take red as a base as paris means l `amour to me! 

also i don`t like to carry a lot or travel too heavily packed as a camel - so mainly i decide on just one piece of luggage  - not too big, because in this case i can get a bit carried away: "maybe i need this and maybe i need that and i can`t leave town without blablabla!“  …no 

- i will not and i limit myself! focus on what really looks good on you  - bon voyage!