11. July 2016

play the game with ironic icon items

some people ask me from time to time, how i keep up so positive and happy - i admit due to my mum-work-wife-friend-daughter-partnerincrime daily life, i don`t have too much time to even think about it or who i am or wanna be. but now i did and i think, it`s about yes dna but it`s also about keeping up an inner child.

i had a great childhood - spent it more or less in the woods and my mum has a colourful fantasy, which she shared with my big brother and me.
so - childhood remained in my heart and i can re-live it again and again with my three kids. i can play hide and seek and i can jump around in the
garden and paint and sing and do crazy things without seeming nuts - just because i do it with my boys.

but the inner child is not only visible when i play with my kids - it`s also part of my look. i love colours and flowers and dots and stripes and ironic icon items!
i am wearing colours every day and prints are key in my wardrobe. i will never give that up! it`s how i express myself, it`s who i am. i am a positive person and yes i am happy and i am thankful for that, because it`s an attitude, which makes life much easier.

but sometimes i have to play it down a bit as the minnie mouse sweater and first wrinkles don`t go together too well - but a part of my look will always remain happy - as happy as my childhood roots.
and who knows - maybe i should keep all crazy stuff and if i am an old grey granny i can wear it all again - cause i just don`t care that my grandchildren think i am nuts!