05. March 2019

my chanel moments

today is the last show of chanel - created by monsieur karl lagerfeld!
so this gave me the ultimate reason to start with my blog - all over again.

karl lagerfeld used to say,  he loves new beginnings and so do i - so this is to karl and to new beginnings. so if you accidentally are in the mood of sharing my chanel moments with me - go on reading, if not, i hope, one of my next topics will catch your attention!

so here i am with my chanel moments - all started really early aged sitting on the legs of my mum - all cosy and comfy and dreamlingly playing with her chanel pearls - i remember very vividly how she disliked this play of mine - from my personal „ mumview“ now i have to admit: i am on her side.

next chanel moment happened when i was 14 - first time alone in paris and thought i could never ever return back to hamburg without anything by chanel - ok, my budget had a low level, so i decided to go for a rouge noir nail polish and i cherished it so so much. the packaging by itself made me happy and when the tiny french lady even offered me a little bag, i wanted to bisou her. i have tried and tried again to borrow the classic black basics from my mother's wardrobe - without any success. years later i was in the position to buy myself my own chanel item: tights from the catwalk! it's approx 20 years ago - but i still know exactely how i marched in the shop and how happy and special i felt.

shoes, bags and earrings later i had my magic chanel moment on my last birthday's party. my dearest friend marcus gave me the one and only broach from the paris-hamburg collection - an anchor, what else - which means a lot to me. it somehow means, that our friendship has a stable anchor and that i should never forget about my lovely hometown which is hamburg. i have build my roots in this city but i will always find my way to paris…